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Edison Guzman

Your "Step-by-step" Blueprint for Business Success

By: Edison Guzman
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Your "Step-by-step" Blueprint for Business Success

As you may already know, I volunteer for many great organizations and sit on boards throughout the Hudson Valley.

Although, I'm not sure if you know about a program that I, and 9 other instructors teach for a great organization called SCORE. It's a 10 week course that I truly believe is Your "Step-by-step" blueprint for business success. Offering this course makes it possible to raise funds for our local SCORE Chapter and gives us the opportunity to really help start ups, entrepreneurs, and existing small business owners. 100% of the tuition goes directly to the Chapter, minus credit card fees, advertising expenses, and course material expenses of course.

Being in business yourself, you know that there are so many things to consider when you're in the trenches. For this reason, I've put together a few steps to consider to make life easier. (These are some of the topics we cover in our Entrepreneur Success Program

  • Create Your Goals/Reasons for starting/being in business
  • Market research to choose or confirm product or service
  • Create Business Plan
  • Choose the best legal entity for your needs and file accordingly
  • Get EIN # for company
  • Open bank and merchant account in order to accept credit cards
  • Research license/permits necessary for business
  • Location: Home based or office? If office, where?
  • Find the right supplier/manufacturer/drop-shipper for product
  • Hire employees/independent reps or outsource team
  • Create organizational chart/responsibilities
  • If partners, create partnership agreement
  • Get proper insurance
  • Create company policies
  • Promote your business with the following: 
  •  SEO / PPC / Email
  •  Referral program  
  •  Print Media / Direct Mail
  •  Web Site / Radio / Cable  
  •  Social Media / YouTube
  •  PR / Branding
  •  Joint Ventures / Affiliates
  • Track all promotions
  • Analyze conversions
  • Adjust marketing based on conversions
  • Database all existing & prospective clients
  • Measure Customer LTV
  • Research parallel markets
  • Streamline operation

The above is the anatomy of a successful small business and it's truly a blueprint for starting and growing your own business.

If you're interested, I invite you to attend our upcoming 10 week course, so that we can help you create a masterful business plan that includes all of the above and more.

Classes start on Saturday, March 3rd from 1 to 4:15 pm at 200 Rt 32, Central Valley NY 10917. Classes meet every Saturday until graduation on May 5th.

Please register now by going to OrangeNYESP.com, or to get the full course curriculum, see video testimonials, and get more details.

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