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Edison Guzman

The Best Investment You'll Ever Make in Business Today

By: Edison Guzman
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It's funny how business works.

I'm in the middle of a 6 week course titled "You, a Digital marketing Expert," where I teach the attendees the 6 digital marketing tools and strategies all business owners should use and implement if they want to increase leads and sales.

Fotolia_93656305_Subscription_Monthly_M.jpgIt's funny because each of the sessions covers a tool or strategy that business owners have been using for decades.

Here's what I mean:

Session one covers Keyword Research. I show how important it is to ensure that you find the best words people are using to find you when they look for your product or service. 

Sound familiar?

Remember the Yellow Pages?

Remember when you would pay extra to be listed in different categories, so that when people looked you up, they would find you easier? 

Well, it's the same concept, except, now it's much more important than ever.

The second session had to do with Site Design and Optimization.

Site design is just like having a full page ad in the Yellow Pages, Newspaper, or magazine. Your ad was optimized if it was the right size, contained the right message, the right images, and the right call to action.

The thousands of dollars spent on one printed ad was enough to pay for an entire website.

The biggest difference is that your website is there forever, while your ad must be paid for every time you want to get people to remember your business.

Session three had to do with creating a Content Marketing System.

I showed the attendees the type of content to create, and how to syndicate it for maximum exposure.

The equivalent is having a radio show or cable channel.

Where you would pay thousands of dollars to buy air space when running your ads on the radio or cable, the cost by comparison is minuscule. The reach online dwarfs any radio or cable signal in existence.

Session four is about Facebook and Instagram advertising

The only comparison I can make here is having a list broker that can get you any type of list about any type of consumer or business target market imaginable. 

The biggest differences are the cost, target ability, and the speed in which you can reach your prospective customer.

Advertising on these two platforms is so laser-focused, that now Facebook is getting in trouble because of it.

Now is the best time to take advantage of these tools, before they become outlawed.

Session five deals with YouTube advertising.

Have you ever advertised on national TV? Well, it's like that, but 1,000 times more effective.

It's also much much less expensive.

Imagine running a Superbowl ad, and paying 5 Million dollars, just for airing the commercial. 

You can advertise on YouTube for a fraction of that cost and reach millions of interested potential customers as opposed to millions of people that could care less about your product or service.

YouTube advertising allows you to target only people who may be interested.

No one else. 

Naturally, you need to target the right market, and that was all covered in session one of the course.

The final session, six, is all about Email Marketing.

Now, Email marketing is just like direct mail marketing.

Do you remember when you would create a postcard for instance. Pay for printing. Pay for the list. Pay for postage. Then take the time to mail it all out.

Direct mail marketing was, and still is very effective.

The biggest difference is that when you create an effective email marketing campaign, you eliminate the cost and time factor.

Email marketing, when done properly, can be equated as legally printing money whenever you wanted.

The right EMS (Email Marketing System) is all you need, along with the right messages.

Yes, history does repeat itself.

The strategies are basically the same, it's just that the tools are different. 

Tools are cheaper and more effective when you know what you're doing.

Want to get access to the entire course, click the link below and you'll see what it's all about:


Naturally, if you'd rather hire a Digital Marketing Expert to do all this for you, my number is (845) 940-5369.

Thanks for reading,

Edison Guzman

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