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Emanuele Intorrella

Secured Credit Cards - Learn About Them, Apply For Them, Or Market Them At CreditCardBroker.com

Secured Credit Cards  - Learn About Them, Apply For Them, Or Market Them At CreditCardBroker.com

Hello, My name is Emanuele Intorrella, Founder of CreditCardBroker.com.  Our office is in Middletown NY. 

I thought I would share our video on secured credit cards with your all.

Video Link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RAuoM0dAqdY&t=16s

Here is my contact information if you have any questions: Emanuele Intorrella 973-220-5801 partners@creditcardbroker.com If you would like to apply for a secured credit card you can apply here: http://www.creditcardbroker.com/secured-credit-cards/

If you would like to market secured cards and earn commissions please contact me Video On Secured Credit Cards: Script of the video: Hello and Today you will learn about secured credit cards, how they can help, and where you can apply for one. Have you been refused a credit card in the past? CreditCardBroker.com has a possible solution for you! Apply for a secured credit card.  

About Secured Cards:

-Designed for people who want to establish or build a credit history

- Give access to a credit line to use

-Payments report to major credit bureaus

-You typically need to deposit cash as collateral for your credit limit (commonly from $200 to $2000)    

About Secured Cards Continued:

-Most secured cards will have an annual fee, possibly other fees

-APR’s will be higher than an unsecured card

-Commonly your credit limit is what you deposit as collateral

-Be sure to read the terms and conditions      

Typical requirements to obtain a secured card:

-You need the ability to make minimum payments so your income should be more than expenses. 

-You need proper identification

-Past bankruptcies must be discharged  

Tips once you get a secured card:

 -Show the bank you can responsibly own a credit card!

-NEVER make a late payment

-Pay your bill on time each month

-Pay your balance in full OR pay more than your minimum payment each month. 

-Never charge more than 10% of your total credit limit.  

When applying for a secured card:

 -Have your bank account information handy so you can deposit your money with the bank.

-Be sure to set 15 minutes aside to fill out the online application

-Have are your personal information handy

-Be sure it reports to all 3 credit bureaus  

How long should I keep a secured credit card?

Keep your card active as long as possible. Closing an account can potentially reduce creditworthiness.   I was refused a secured card. 

Any other options?

-You do have other options.

-Ask a friend or family member if they can make you an “authorized user” on their account. 

-There are no requirements to qualify and you will build a credit history with each on-time monthly payment.  (Bank must be reporting) -Get a cosigner.  

About CreditCardBroker.com CreditCardBroker.com is your online resource for credit cards, loans, merchant account, credit reports, and other financial products. 

If you are interested in applying for a secured credit card, we have some offers for you to review on our website, CreditCardBroker.com!   Where can I apply for a secured credit card?  

Visit:  http://www.creditcardbroker.com/secured-credit-cards/ and apply online today!

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