Jeff Lewis2
Jeff Lewis2

"Dying To Bloom" -- Promo #1

"Dying to Bloom" is heard on WRCR AM 1300 in Rockland County, NY on the 4th Thursday of each month. A celebration of life, the show promotes green burial opt...
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Jeff Lewis2
07/17/14 09:29:53AM @jeff-lewis2:

There's a move to bring a green cemetery to Rockland County (NY). Leading the charge is my friend Kerry Potter,who hosts a radio show called "Dying to Bloom" (she's also started a fund to get the cemetery going through the Rockland Community Foundation at The show can be heard on the 4th Thursday of each month on WRCR AM 1300 in Rockland County (streaming live at Her next show will be next week at 10:10am. Here's a clip from her 1st show (she's also working very hard to get my show, the "Community News Lunch Hour," back on the air--fingers crossed!).

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