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Nan Gill-Wilson2

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By Nan Gill-Wilson2, 2017-02-16
Do you want to fall asleep in love and wake up joyful next to the person you adore? Celebrating men and satisfying women.

He wants to make you happy.

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Willy-Gilly Productions is pleased to announce that Empowering Women Everywhere will now air on MNN, Channel 5, on Saturdays at 1 pm commencing 9/24/16.

This half hour show hosted by Nann Gill is dedicated to showcasing amazing women that are working to make our planet a world that works better for everyone. The first show will highlight the artist Elise Pittleman of Woodstock, NY. , who describes herself as a Multi-faceted Artist.

Empowering Women Everywhere has been airing on Time Warner Cable and Port Jervis Cable since 2015. With the addition of MNN, its coverage has been increased to 17 million households.

If you know someone that should be on this show or if you wish to become a sponsor of this amazing programming, please call Nann at 845.294.7500.

Willy-Gilly Productions is a film and television company located in Goshen NY. They invite everyone with a desire to, Makea Difference in the World, to use the extraordinarypower of American E&M as the most impactfultool for change and growth anywhere. It is not simply the positive impact that these products can have, but the enormous profits that they can generate to handle all of the challenges currently affecting our planet and thus sustain, a world that works for Everyone. JOIN US. For more information, please call 845.294.7500.228_blogs.jpg?width=750

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Check this out!

By Nan Gill-Wilson2, 2016-09-07

We are almost ready to release our feature film "Collar" The color correction and sound will be ready for the AFM in LA this fall. What are some saying about the film? Check out what Len, a retired 'Gold Shield' NYPD has to say. More info and opportunities @

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See if you can recognize any of the talent in this clip! More information at

Here is a clip from the movie "Collar" featuring our good friend Carl Richards tune! Thank you Carl Richards !

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You can win!

By Nan Gill-Wilson2, 2016-08-17

ENTER TO WIN A $100 gift card* Give us your opinion
To cast your vote for your favorite "Collar" poster follow this link:


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Join Us!

By Nan Gill-Wilson2, 2016-06-24

Willy Gilly is an independent film production company working together to make a world that works better. Join us! Only 15 days left.

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Join us!

By Nan Gill-Wilson2, 2016-06-17

Only 15 days left. Get your perk now!

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"Collar The Movie"

By Nan Gill-Wilson2, 2016-06-16

Oh my. 6 years ago at the Tribecca screening for Collar and yesterday I finally found the company and negotiated the deal for the color correction, final stereo mix and surround sound! We have a distributor, finally!!! And today we sign the distribution agreement with Screen Actors Guild. A long haul, but finally..... A special thank you to all those people who believed in and supported us through this treck through the desert! Promised land here we come. Thank you Lord, Thank you Jesus!

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