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    Who Else Wants to Profit from the Upcoming Entrepreneur Success Program? By Edison Guzman, 2017-09-02

    If you want to start or GROW your business, this 10 week course will help you succeed. Classes are held Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6pm to 9pm starting September 19, 2017.

    Click here to register online for a one time-tuition of $297. ($399 after Sept 15)

    Click here to take advantage of the 3 Pay Plan. ($99 today and 2 more monthly payments of $99 - $133/mo after Sept 15)


    Secured Credit Cards  - Learn About Them, Apply For Them, Or Market Them At CreditCardBroker.com By Emanuele Intorrella, 2017-08-29 Hello, My name is Emanuele Intorrella, Founder of CreditCardBroker.com.  Our office is in Middletown NY.  I thought I would share our video on secured credit cards with your all.

    Here is my contact information if you have any questions:
    Emanuele Intorrella

    If you would like to apply for a secured credit card you can apply here:  http://www.creditcardbroker.com/secured-credit-cards/
    If you would like to market secured cards and earn commissions please contact me
    Video On Secured Credit Cards:

    Script of the video:
    Hello and Today you will learn about secured credit cards, how they can help, and where you can apply for one.
    Have you been refused a credit card in the past?
    CreditCardBroker.com has a possible solution for you!
    Apply for a secured credit card.
    About Secured Cards:
    -Designed for people who want to establish or build a credit history
    - Give access to a credit line to use
    -Payments report to major credit bureaus
    -You typically need to deposit cash as collateral for your credit limit (commonly from $200 to $2000)
    About Secured Cards Continued:
    -Most secured cards will have an annual fee, possibly other fees
    -APR’s will be higher than an unsecured card
    -Commonly your credit limit is what you deposit as collateral
    -Be sure to read the terms and conditions
    Typical requirements to obtain a secured card:
    -You need the ability to make minimum payments so your income should be more than expenses. 
    -You need proper identification
    -Past bankruptcies must be discharged
    Tips once you get a secured card:
     -Show the bank you can responsibly own a credit card!
    -NEVER make a late payment
    -Pay your bill on time each month
    -Pay your balance in full OR pay more than your minimum payment each month. 
    -Never charge more than 10% of your total credit limit.
    When applying for a secured card:
     -Have your bank account information handy so you can deposit your money with the bank.
    -Be sure to set 15 minutes aside to fill out the online application
    -Have are your personal information handy
    -Be sure it reports to all 3 credit bureaus
    How long should I keep a secured credit card?
    Keep your card active as long as possible. Closing an account can potentially reduce creditworthiness.
    I was refused a secured card.  Any other options?
    -You do have other options.
    -Ask a friend or family member if they can make you an “authorized user” on their account. 
    -There are no requirements to qualify and you will build a credit history with each on-time monthly payment.  (Bank must be reporting)
    -Get a cosigner.
    About CreditCardBroker.com
    CreditCardBroker.com is your online resource for credit cards, loans, merchant account, credit reports, and other financial products. 
    If you are interested in applying for a secured credit card, we have some offers for you to review on our website, CreditCardBroker.com!
    Where can I apply for a secured credit card?
    Visit:  http://www.creditcardbroker.com/secured-credit-cards/ and apply online today!
    The New Customer Getting System, that Small Business Owners Now Love By Edison Guzman, 2017-06-09

    Getting customers over the past few years has become easier and easier, yet small business owners still have a difficult time with it.

    If you’re like most business owners, you’re constantly being solicited to buy into another way to advertise your business.

    You may be one of the thousands of small business owners that get 13 robotic phone calls a day from someone telling you that they can get your business on the first page of Google. Call after call on a daily basis. It’s maddening.

    If you’re a brick and mortar business, you may get unsolicited visits to your store by sales people from all sorts of publications, directories, social media managers, website creators, SEO services, etc.

    The list of solicitations is too long to list here, but you know what I mean.

    The problem is that small business owners, whether they have a physical location, or work out of their homes, live in what is called, an “Expensive Advertising Loop.”

    What’s an “Expensive Advertising Loop?”

    It’s called that because it goes something like this:

    You respond to the calls and solicitations and pay for services rendered. Some of the services gets you results, yet some of them don’t. Since you’re constantly working in your business, you don’t take the time to see what is working and what isn’t, so you continue to spend. This creates an expensive advertising loop that gets you stuck where you are, with no hope for business growth.

    In essence, you’re probably throwing away 60 to 70 percent of your advertising dollars. You just don’t know which part is not working. If you do know which part doesn’t work, you don’t know how to fix it, and instead of stopping, you throw more money at it. I call this insanity.

    Does this sound like you?

    If you are spending money on advertising and marketing, there are many ways to track your ads and sales, and many business owners are doing just that.

    The problem, it seems, is that small business owners may not be tracking the right components of their advertising. They also don’t track and test properly.

    Answer these questions, and see how well you’re tracking your results:

    1. What’s a good call response rate for newspaper/magazine advertising?
    2. What’s a good call rate for PPC advertising?
    3. What’s your break even on advertising campaigns?
    4. How do you calculate the LTV of your customer?
    5. Do you know how to calculate the best amount to pay for acquiring a customer?
    6. Is it possible to brand yourself and get customers at the same time? Or is it one or the other?
    7. What’s a good daily advertising budget for daily calls or visits to your business?
    8. Which social media platform gets you the best ROI for your business?
    9. How do you get Google to send you customer traffic and phone calls daily?
    10. What’s the best tool to use to get clients coming back or calling you for more business throughout the year?

    When you can properly answer the questions above for your business, you’ll be two steps ahead of your competition.

    I call this leverage.

    The problem is that most business owners work within the “Advertising Expense Loop,” and never figure out the answers to any of these questions.

    Small business owners, instead, choose to throw advertising dollars at many advertising services that simply are not adequate to get customers. The strategies may work for one type of business, but may not have the same universal results.

    In other words, business owners see what their competitors are doing, so they do the same. Unfortunately, one business owner may be following a failing business owner, instead of following the leader. Better yet, the business owner should get more customers by creating a unique strategy specific to their needs.

    There is only one way to be sure of the right strategy for any business. That is to take the time to sit down and get the answers to the 10 questions above.

    The best way is to call an experienced professional and have them guide you through this process.

    At HowToAttractCustomers.com, LLC, we’ve been using a newly updated tool designed to answer these 10, and many other questions about your business.

    We call it the “Marketing Audit,” and it’s designed to create the most intelligent and profitable marketing plan for your specific needs.

    Unlike a feasibility study where you’ll spend between $5,000 and $100,000, our unique Marketing Audit will reveal the best strategies for your business at a fraction of the cost.

    If you are a small business owner and already have a marketing plan, the Marketing Audit will test and tweak it to ensure that it gives you maximum return.

    If you don’t have a marketing plan at all, call us, and using the Marketing Audit, we will create one for you.

    This is truly a new client getting system that small business owners now love, and we’re getting great results for businesses that are now implementing it.

    Stop wasting money on ineffective advertising. Instead, let’s figure out the best message and marketing strategy you can implement to get as many customers as possible, at the lowest cost as possible.

    It’s the only way you’ll grow revenue, increase profit margins, and decrease advertising expenses.

    Call Edison Guzman at (845) 940-5369 today to schedule your one-on-one Marketing Audit.

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